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    OK so I have family in the US.

    We use skype on the laptop but want a phone!

    How does it work? do you get a phone device that connects to your wireless at home then connect to your skype account?

    If you could help me and even advise a device i'd really appriciate it



    If you buy a phone from thee you get skipe on the phone, or use the better JustVoip

    and get a free calls to USA (landlines and mobiles) you can use a 0208 to call there and if you have free minutes on your mobile the call is free, I use then to call Brazil, and the call quallity is good
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    We've got a DECT Philips VOIP3212S/05 which has a USB connection on the base station to our computer and allows simultaneous PSTN and Skype calls (on different handsets) which is ideal for relatives and friends abroad. Unfortunately requires the PC to be switched on and logged into Skype, apart from that it's great.

    Alternatively the RTX DUALphone 3088 (on amazon) seems to be a good option, don't need a PC on, just connect to the broadband router. (Having found this and read the reviews I think I'll replace our Philips!).

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    Thanks for the advice guys rep added

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    how do I give these guys rep / comment? is it possible?

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    It needs to be brand new as it's for a present. Thanks for the offer though and good luck with the sale!
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