Skype without a pc/on a mac

    My current mobile bill is massive and living in a student house we dont have a landline. I was looking into skype, and was wondering is it possible to use it without a pc/computer on at all? If not, can anyone recommend a decent cheap cordless handset thats mac compatable?

    Also ive been told about alternative companys, can anyone recommend one of those per chance?


    They do exist. However I cannot make recommendations as I havent bought one! I had a google and found this site.…128
    It may not be the ultimate place but they do sell VOIP phones and skype phones that do not require a PC. I guess at least you can use it to do some research first if nothing else.

    Good luck!

    I use a mac at home, and at work and use skype to call canada all the time. Was given a free headset from a friend (you can get them for £5 -10 in most places, Amazon/Wollies/Curries, etc.. I loaded up £10 of phone credit in december of last year and have spent hours chatting, and still have £4 credit left. I'm not sure if you have an internet connection at home (but this request is online, so I'm assuming you do), so just google skype and mac OS X and download the package. Once you've registered, buy some credit, and get a headset then you can test out the sound, and you'll be off and running.
    Also - the new version of skype also allows for video calls, so if you have a built-in iSight, or a usb connected camera, the person you're calling can have the option of seeing you as well (this goes both one way, or two ways.. depending on if you both have camera's or not.)


    my fella users his ipaq pda with a sd wifi card in it and he can skype anytime

    If you have a PSP then you can use Skype on it as Sony just announced an attachment for it, but it'll be a few weeks before its released in the UK i think.
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