Found 3rd Oct 2017
Hi, sky has just given me a 40% off on Sky Q. Details are:
1 complete sky package sports, cinema etc
2 All in HD & UHD
3 SkyQ 2TB with mini (Multi-Room)
4 £53//m
5 18 m contract . To be reviewed after 12 month
What do you guys think? Initially it was 25% of but after several call I got 40%.
Is it good?
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Thats brilliant I am paying around the same and getting peanuts!!!!!
I'm currently looking for an all in one package after canceling my Virgin media contract. That looks a fantastic deal
Original Poster
Do you think there will be a better deal during the “Black Friday “?
yeah that is the best you can get I got the same
gmopsy9 h, 2 m ago

Do you think there will be a better deal during the “Black Friday “?

Can you remember previous Sky TV Black Friday deals?
Original Poster
Well i google 2016 Black Friday and I saw they did 50% off on sports and cinema and also free gift like TV, laptop and Xbox but. It sure if it will be the same again
Hi gmopsy, do you have the offer they gave you in writing? Thanks
Original Poster
No, I actually called to check if there’s an offer.
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