Skyrim price on Nintendo Switch.....

Found 9th Nov 2017
Is it just me who has been waiting for a price reduction on the stupid place holder price on Skyrim? I ordered through Amazon back when they had active voucher codes, to which the price was high but assumed it would drop..

Yet it's release is the 17th and it's still £49.99, obviously I'm going to cancel it unless it drops to the usual £41.99. But this will be the most expensive game at launch on the Switch (via Amazon and Tesco) if it stays at this price...
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Wow, you could get a cheap Windows tab running Skyrim non-special-edition for less than that
BuzzDuraband15 h, 3 m ago

Here - £37.95 : …Here - £37.95 :

Thank you, I'll probably go with that deal as haven't seen any good prices on it either.

Would love a port of fallout 3/nv or possible 4.
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