Sky's best advice ever!!! + help needed (Wireless issue maybe?)

Posted 25th Oct 2011
My wireless connection is dropping intermittently since i rejoined Sky way back in April. Their black router was useless so I went back to my old white netgear one. Since then, I get moments of 'limited connectivity' which is annoying me now. so I rang Sky Tech Support.

After a long story where they told me off for binning the faulty black router even though the guy told me to way back in April and admitted most of them were faulty. We rest the netgear one but only after he asked me the following....

Was there any other wireless equpment in the room? NO
Was there a microwave in the room? No
Did I have a fish Tank? No
Did I have a radiator in my room? Yes
Was I near a window? Yes
Was my flat stone built? Yes

So then he tells me that I need to.....

Remove the wall mounted radiator!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I won't be doing that!! Are Sky so full of themselves that they think people need broadband more than heating??

I've now got to monitor my lights when i get limited connectivity. If i get a flashing orange internet light, it's one issue. If I get normal lights, it's another issue. I told him I'm getting both a different times Any help from you sane people would be welcome. Never had this problem with any other provider or Sky when i was with them in 2007.
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