Sky/Sky + Advice = Still need advice

    Ok so i am thinking about getting Sky +

    Now the situation is.

    I live with my parents and they already have sky downstairs, just normal sky.
    However i want Sky + In my room.

    If possible, and if i got some kind of discount i would even think about getting Sky + for them.

    Now the question is, is it as simple as buying a sky + box? Is it easier to buy a box and use my parents sky subscription or should i join as a new customer get the sky +box half price, but if i do this will i have to pay monthly for the actual sky tv as well?

    So i know that confusing.

    But basically,
    What is the best way to get Sky + for my room?
    If possible also for my parents downstairs?


    You just need to get multi room. It's an extra £10 a month on the subscription but you get another box and can watch what you want then.

    Not much point in getting an extra subscription really. If you do what other channels that maybe your parents haven't got then just add them to your parents subscription and pay the difference.

    Regards to your Sky+ box bit I think you need to ring them up they may supply just one box at a discount but they may do both, I'm not really sure. Or one free and one at a discount.You nned to ask them what they can do for you really.

    99% sure you cant sign up under your own name and get a discounted box as i was always told it's one free/cheap box per household

    Upgrade to Sky+, go for the multiroom option for an additional £10, you then have the Sky+ and your parents still have Sky. You are then free to watch what you want and they can watch what they want.



    99% sure you cant sign up under your own name and get a discounted box as … 99% sure you cant sign up under your own name and get a discounted box as i was always told it's one free/cheap box per household

    Think you are right on that. ie as the sub is already active, its not really possible to get another freebie sky+ box out of them. However, you could get a box and mutliroom sub for £10 extra that duplicates your parents sub. Certainly a cheaper subscription option!

    Dub - are you watching the game? Perfect reception on it ATM on supersports 3.

    the vast majority of times you won't be allowed a 2nd subscription in the same house so you would have to go multiroom

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    Think im gunna phone now will let u know

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    Just seen online that i can get a Sky + box for £99 and multiroom for £10 a month
    But its a £60 installation fee

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    Doesn't come with extra channels though also my freeview receptionis not very good at all

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    Looking online it says i can get a sky+ box for £99 + installation but if i want two it would cost £199 for the second one.

    Any ideas if they would do both for £99 each?
    Anyone managed any deals with sky?

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    final bump for ideas

    I don't go off their website prices but you will probably have to give them a call and make out you are leaving to go to Virgin.

    I did it two years ago and was given a free Sky+ box but had to pay £30 for install. I then did it last year to get a 2nd box and multiroom but got the box and install free.

    It will depend on how long your parents have been with them for - more than a year and you should be ok.

    Someone already mentioned signing up via your name, or you can get the owner of the current Sky contract to phone up and pretend to cancel, saying that Virgin have offered you multi-room at a discount, etc.
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