Does anyone know where I can find a cheap Slanket type of thing. I wanted to get my parents one each as a joke Christmas present but I can't find any cheaper than £20 each!

    I am sure someone does one for £5? Any ideas? It needs to be in store as there isn't time to have them posted.


    If you want an actual slanket then they are around £20+, however if you dont mind a cheapo version try ebay - can get one for under £5 (number 180580260764)…=14 can get in store if have a works near you

    cheaper version of the slanket
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    I have read reviews that the cheapo ones aren't as good.. guess you get what you pay for!


    That's a brilliant price! I got one for christmas last year and I love it.

    OMFG Why?

    Don't know if you have one nearby, but Walker and Ling were doing them for £5.99...not an official 'Slanket' but still very good quality

    Dont forget you can get 20% off with walkers code also.

    Or 10% with TOPGIFTS code.


    Great for my mum as she always gets cold on dialysis; will come in time for her January birthday

    asda do one for £6 each.

    TJ Hughes had them for a fiver when I was in last week, the cheaper version of a slanket but same type of thing

    Other option is Boots or anywhere that sells JML stuff as their Snuggie is £14.99

    saw one in b & m s not sure of exact price but they where less than £ 5.00 .

    Don't do it! My mum has been bought one for christmas and is mortified! She says they are for very old people!

    I think that was the point "Shellywelly" I think its a joke present!
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