sledges where to buy

    as title , anyone know where can I get sledges in store? checked halfords but they are out of stock


    Have you got one of these Salt Bins anywhere near you? The fun we had on the lids back in the day........

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    most supermarkets stock them i think?

    There were at asda but they are out of stock now, will check tesco?

    Sports Direct have quite a few.


    We're in Norfolk and I couldn't find any in store anywhere! Most shop staff looked at me like I was mad! When I grew up in Scotland you could buy them everywhere even corner shops. I want to get one for my children to have in case we get any more snow this year but don't really want to mail order as would like to see what I'm getting.
    Good luck in your search!

    dobbies garden centres have them, but they may only be in scotland.

    sports world / sports direct
    have got them in i just rang the 1 near me in manchester they said they got a delivery today so if you try 1 near you they might have some :thumbsup:

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    dobbies garden centres have them, but they may only be in scotland.

    I am in scotland , will check one in edinburgh, thanks:thumbsup:

    Tesco dont sell them

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