Sleep mask / blindfold

Found 27th Aug 2017
Can anyone tell me where I can get one? Needs to be a shop not online.
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Poundland have some in... They are better than the expensive ones too.
31818389-DUd5u.jpgI got a really good one from homebargains which came with a make up bag too for £1.99! It's the best one ever because it's got soft material on the inside that doesn't make you sweat, unlike the cheap silky ones that I used to buy for £1. The makeup bag is quite strong and big too..And it doesn't let light in either.. bargain @mccririck
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Just use a a black bin bag.
It's up to you if you use the complete bag over your head or cut it into strips.
Just remember to cut out a gob hole if you go for the complete bag option. Oh and empty it out first too.
Tiger, if you have one near, I think they do large ones for £1, comfortable and strong elastic that doesn't stretch too quickly
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Take a long haul overnight flight and you'll get one for free
Just tie a big sock around your head
Marks and Spencer sell them. You may need to ask if they can get one in for you as not every store will have them. The 3d type are best
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