Found 24th Jun 2014
Anyone know how to put a sleeping bag back into its original cover?
Kids have just come back from a school trip and the three of us just can't seem to roll the bags back up small enough to put into their original bag covers.
There must be an easy way to do it. currently we look like we're playing twister.


Hi I find fold it in half lenght ways then roll it very tight that should do the trick
good luck

My solution, less space taken up and easier to do

They're called stuff bags.. I used to do it when in scouts.. Forget rolling it up just stuff it in and close. PS eli tom stop signing off

Fold over lengthways into thirds ( the width of the sac ) sit on it -pushing the air out -as much as possible -slowly ! Then roll up from the bottom -again slowly whilst squeezing out the trapped air keeping the roll as tight as possible -then it'll fit into the bag .The idea is to get all the trapped air out of the bag as you go . Make sure you supervise your kids in doing it themselves then you wont have the same problem next time .

Original Poster

Thanks for your help everyone.
we've just somehow managed to do one, but it's worn us all out so we'll try to put the other one away tomorrow night.
There must be simple trick rather than wrestling with it.

Fold in half, kneel on it as you roll it from the closed end towards the open end ,then, one holds while another fits on the bag
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