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    Hi All

    My sleep time ranges from about 3am-6am. Also, I wake up quite early. Get around on average 6 hours sleep.

    I find it very difficult to sleep. Anyone have any tips to get to sleep?




    yeh need tips im same as u with sleeping lol

    Online gaming.

    Few hours shooting folk knocks me right out :thumbsup:


    My tired eyes read the sleeping part of the thread title wrong. :-(

    Watching those bid TV channels always make me sleepy.

    Have a good ham shank knocks you right out


    Have a good ham shank knocks you right out

    Plus a full glass of Red Wine before hand!

    Try going to sleep with the TV on. Make sure you have the tv set on sleep mode though otherwise you'll wake up later from the noise of the TV.

    I find that thinking about money helps. I work out all the transactions I will make up until pay day, and then work out how much I will have left over. If im still not asleep, I carry on working out transactions until I do fall asleep!

    Sad eh? It works for me though!

    The only way to get to sleep is with an empty mind, I usually play a few games of soltaire on the PDA and then just as the eyes start to close, put it away quick. :thumbsup:

    The only way to get me to sleep is with a big hammer

    Have small children. :thumbsup:

    By the end of the day........falling asleep is not a problem. (though staying asleep is :giggle:)



    Have small children. :thumbsup:By the end of the day........falling … Have small children. :thumbsup:By the end of the day........falling asleep is not a problem. (though staying asleep is :giggle:)

    I'll second that

    Other than that, have you tried Nytol herbal sleeping tablets?

    I sometimes find trying to say the alphabet backwards does the trick!! Might be worth a try.

    At the moment I am sleeping in incriments of 4 hours, it seems 50-50 as to if I can get back off though.

    Sometimes I go straight back off, others that's it for the night! :w00t:

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the suggestion guys!

    Think Im too young for children atm!

    I do play online gaming, but when I do, I just carry on through the night!

    I can never sleep in silence, something has to be on, if its music, I could listen all night, and I always put a DVD before I go to bed with the sleep mode on my TV, but it always turns off while I watch and usually get through the film!

    Not a big drinker either lol

    Tbh I do have a lot of rubbish on my mind.

    Keep the suggestions rolling folks, thanks!

    Original Poster


    I'll second that :)Other than that, have you tried Nytol herbal sleeping … I'll second that :)Other than that, have you tried Nytol herbal sleeping tablets?

    ooo I was thinking about drugs, but don't want to rely on them, get a little worried I'll be hooked! Is that a problem?

    May be worth a trip to the doctors to see if you actually have insomnia as then they will prescribe you a short burst of sleeping pills to help get your body into a proper sleeping pattern.

    or if you have loads on your mind, put it all on paper before you go to bed, that way you dont have to think about it...worth a try :thumbsup:

    I'm constantly stuck in a 2:45am (or later!) to 8:10am pattern. If I even attempt to go to sleep earlier I just lie there thinking 'this is stupid'.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, have considered all and left rep where its due.

    Some interesting suggestions I haven't tried yet cheers

    My sleepin is horrendous, i go to bed about 10pm right through to 8-9-10am, and ive got to have a sleep about 2pm for a good hour!

    Original Poster


    My sleepin is horrendous, i go to bed about 10pm right through to … My sleepin is horrendous, i go to bed about 10pm right through to 8-9-10am, and ive got to have a sleep about 2pm for a good hour!

    Wow! Whats your secret!


    Wow! Whats your secret!

    Its not good, it gets right on my babylons!

    I'm turning into the insomniac bond baddie from Die Another Day. Except I'm not a millionaire.... or a baddie :thumbsup:

    I sleep 12ish till 6.

    I think of a white room (blank mind) then i usally nod off

    hi one method that has produce quite good results is to get a 'bedtime routine'
    so for example every night have a hot chocolate, bath, brush teeth then bed
    its not so much what you do, but that you do it every night before going to bed it gives your brain cues, saying its bed time.

    also try not to do anything for about 1hr before your go to bed that stimulates your brain i.e playing games that get the adrenaline going.

    in addition if you have a lot on your mind as you say try to incooperate 5-10 minuites meditating - nothing to drastic just try sitting on your bed concentrating on your breathing, resist thinking of anything else
    this would be excellent as part of your routine, as its something you would only do before bedtime.

    chose a time you would like to go to bed at reguary, and stick to this time,do your routine, at first you may find that you not drop off to sleep straight away, don't get up or change your time persivere. for your body to get into the routine it must go through it a number of times.

    also no napping through the day etc

    not knowing whats on your mind its hard to comment but if its effecting you this much i'd go see your doctor, or at least try and talk to someone the samaritans are great, and are trianed for everything from exam stress, divorce to suicide.

    good luck

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that, the two posters above me. very informative.

    As for my mind, don't worry about that as I have difficulty sleeping before that anyway. Repped


    ... at least try and talk to someone the samaritans are great, ...

    I don't think it is that bad :giggle: :giggle:

    Original Poster


    I don't think it is that bad :giggle: :giggle:

    NOt for me, but I could be for others! A good suggestion nonetheless :thumbsup:


    I have problems with sleep, as I have a very busy mind, I leave a pen and paper near my bed to write things down otherwise I can't get back off to sleep.

    Try a herbal sleeping tablet first. I find the usual ones can often cause restless arms/legs which is even more annoying.

    Also I find the pillow sprays help me get off to sleep easier in the first place (or just a few drops of lavender oil works out really cheap).

    Staying off here an hour before going to bed might help me wind my mind down, can't see that happening much though:giggle:

    I fall asleep with the tv on also, just put something on thats boring (easy enough to find) and on a low volume.

    Try this stuff you can get in Boots, cant think what its called, but its in the herbal remedy area.. you spray it in your face and it makes you yawn..honest to god, me and the kids were spraying the sample all around the store, yawning our heads off... till we were politely told to behave!

    Inviting carefully selected friends for a stay-over who are appropriately dressed can, after some v.good lengthy communication, lead to a good nights sleep!

    However, make sure it's not the first encounter otherwise you may not get any sleep what so ever!

    as said above get into a timed routine so your body knows that its time to sleep.
    Also, in the hour or so running up to going to bed, try to stay out of any strong light, as when its dark your body produces a hormone or something which makes it tired.
    hope this helps

    No-one seems to have mentioned exercise. As well as being mentally tired it would help to be physically tired. As mentioned earlier you have to get yourself into a routine so that you are mentally prepared for sleep but if you have also exercised then this will also help.......
    There used to be a good ad on Scottish telly by the Health Education people promoting how exercise aids a good nights sleep.

    I will second the young children! Failing that have a run, read a book, and drink lots of red wine! My main problem is my brain is too hyper ... when I can't get to sleep I read for a while to deactivate hyperactivity.

    If your usually awake 4am could you take baby tomorrow night plss????

    I also have a big problem getting to sleep. The best thing that helps me is just concentrate on your breathing, just listen to the noise of breathing in and breathing out. Give it a go, im sure it will help you as it did me

    Used to have trouble getting to sleep, tried everything ever and nothing worked. untill I moved and got a double bed.. don't know which factor helped but I've got to sleep fine since even after I've moved home again.

    Trouble I have is waking up at least 3 time a night whether its for the toilet or just randomly otherwise its annoying and means I don't get a full nights unbroken sleep - I don't remember ever having fallen asleep and being woken up by the alarm.

    Hm, I use to stay up till 3/4am playing games, and bed wasn't a problem. Now I just fall asleep easily because I have a long day sometimes with a lot of exercise, and working.

    Though a glass of brandy will send me straight to sleep, though I read your not a big drinker, put that in some tea and jobs a gooden


    Original Poster

    Thanks for the suggestions guys

    Def be trying a few

    Not the same but I have bad depression recently(gee that was hard to guess) so I have about 12-14 hours sleep some days, yet either way I feel as if I had about 2 hours sleep and want to go back to bed and feel physically ill and have thrown up a few times, then again it might not be depression its probably the sewage smell which makes me puke and food poisoning from the faulty fridge the landlord wont fix and the rusted pots pans and microwave!

    Sorry im in a bit of a bad mood as im awake due to neighbours arrgh.

    Sleep is for the weak!

    Well im weak lol, whats the longest you have been without sleep? I had nights when I was 17 after I went clubbing each night, but also when I went hitchhiking Europe I had about 5 hours sleep in 7 days, man I felt sick.
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