Found 26th Oct 2010
"Sleeps till" is one of those units of time that the EU should adopt as well as all that metric stuff.

Other Time examples;

Nearly there now - The moment in time when you're driving to France on holiday with the kids and you've just left your street

Two shakes of a lamb's tail – the time you’re told it takes to get served in the Post Office

Bed time - the time when everything goes into slow motion for five year olds especially when getting undressed. Coincidentally it is when they suddenly remember everything that happened in school and they insist on telling you.

Ever after - the time that living happily lasts until four kids, a low paid job, a saggy body and a mortgage come along

Endlessly - has two meanings - used to describe the duration of your lovemaking when you are first in a relationship. Later on it is used to describe the duration of your arguing.

Ten to one - stands both for the time you dragged yourself in from the pub and also for your chances of getting any loving from the missus at that time of the morning.


The big half - your portion when you're sharing a cake with your little brother

A wee drop more - the volume of whisky that a Scotsman would like in his glass (equates to about half a bottle)

Two more spoonfuls - equates to about half a bowlful of blitzed veggies that you're trying to persuade your one year old to eat


Miles away - The distance from your house to the corner shop when your 10 year old doesn't want to go for you


4 divots = 1 prat
3 prats = 1 eejit
2 eejits = 1wazzock
4 wazzocks = 1 numpty
22 numpties = the cabinet


i like!


i like!

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