sleeveless hooded tops mens

    does anyone know where to get some hooded tops that are sleeveless, would like some for the gym, they are usually zip up ones too

    different colored ones would be good

    many thanks for any help


    Quite a few of the Gyms - (larger ones) have their own shops inside that sell these little thinkgs.... I often see the boys running on the running machines with them on thinking that they are Rocky Balboa!

    Also, try the usual sports shops in the local shopping centres.

    OR call your local big gym if you dont fancy popping down there as they will tell you....

    Diesel and Lonsdale do them

    H&M have some I think.

    eBay had sleeveless men's hoodies as one of their 'Deal of the Day' items on Saturday - £12.99 for a 2 pack instead of £30, but not sure if they'll still have them now! Might be worth having a look though
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