SLide / Film Copier

    Anyone seen any good deals on ones that work reasonably well with Vista.

    Maplins have some but the reviews are not good.

    Any advice welcome.

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    I went t through the same dilemma a few months ago. It depends if you are "into" photography ie an enthusiast. If you are then you will find you have to spend well over £100 - perhaps up to £300 to get the results which replicate the original.

    i purchased the "Veho VFS-004 5MP 35mm Negative & Slide Scanner" (search Amazon) and returned it after 2 days of trying to get an average result. I paid £50 ish which was the best price at the time. It blew out highlights completely and had a muddy shadows - really bad. Never mastered the software to improve this and would have spent hours in Photoshop on each copy! I was told Plustek are much better but never had that much money to spend! I will keep an eye on any more responses - just in case someone has found a usable one for under £100!
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