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Posted 6th Apr
Hi guys,
Hope you all are safe, We have a small garden thank fully and which is currently has the 6x9 ft trampoline in it, now we dont have enough room for a seperate slide but i saw on pinterest someone had attached a slide to the trampoline - this would work for us and the garden has a tiny bit of slope as well. Has anyone done this? If so do I just buy an universal slide ? thank you for helping.
I dont do much diy except setting shelves and ikea shelves so any help would be appreciated.

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It appears to be a slide that just go happens to be the right height. That should be the primary consideration prior to purchase.

Secondarily too tall is better than too small. If you don't mind leveling out by trenching slightly. Raising up is a bad idea.
I agree with above, it looks as though the slide just so happens to be the same size but I’d still look at attaching it in some way to the trampoline to ensure no nasty accidents. A couple of these should do the trick…BwE or heavy duty cable ties, but of course that’s assuming there is a suitable place on the slide to attach it to the trampoline frame.
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