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    Our sliding shower door needs one of the wheel replaced, i have ordered a replacement one, but I have not clue on how to refit the door onto the track. I will try to be as clear as i can. The door has 2 bottom wheels and 2 top wheels. The wheels at the top rest on a groove that has a lip, the same at the bottom but obviously the lip is pointing down. Does anyone know how to replace the door once I replace the broken wheel? I have tried to insert the bottom wheel first, and then kind of lift the door up to make the top wheels go behind the lip, but there is not enough play.


    Hello. U need to check the rollers. Some are spring loaded and others have adjustments with Alan key screws. Normally the bottom are spring loaded and just pushed down into the groove once the top rollers are in place. Or it could be spring loaded at the top rollers and the bottom rollers are fixed in place it a screw adjustments. Or some are that the rollers are slid into the groove and the glass door is fixed onto the rollers after. Try looking at a few YouTube videos for guidance.
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    Difficult to be sure without seeing it but on my shower door the bottom wheels are spring loaded. To refit the door onto the track you first lift the door so that the top wheels clear the top lip and drop into their track, so the door is now hanging on the top wheels. You now press down on the bottom wheels and they will then slide down against the spring just enough to clear the bottom lip, and when you let go they will spring back up into the groove. Don't know if your door is the same, hope this helps.

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    ok thanks guys, i will check when i receive the new wheels. I could not find any videos that applied to my shower door. I have found the old invoice, so maybe they can tell me more over the phone
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