Posted 13th Jun 2021
hello so when you busy things go wrong and it's coming in pile of 3 lol

but I noticed today my cupboard shelve under sink looking bit damp and found out slight drip, believe lose pipe's, maybe the heat, but i think as I tightened one, one came loose.

so it's now a u bend and pipe out just shoves in and screws on.

shoved it as far in as it goes tho seem Need another to tight it one hand to hold it tight in.

but still drips very slightly, and I can't see black ring on it, maybe further in , I can't pull pipe out as goes thought wall

but am I right in a bit or lot of plumber tape on it
will be oka,ughh I also have dermatitis dry hands and really didn't need to get my hands wet, ..

but will this hopefully sort problem,
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