Slightly techie question about soundcards :S

Just wondering if anyone more techie than me can answer this.

Basically I've been trying to record streaming audio on my pc but having issues due to the soundcard (SigmaTel). The problem seems to be that the 'stereo mix' option is disabled and there doesn't seem to be a way to switch it on (have googled and it is a common problem, I've tried dl-ing loads of drivers that people suggested, but none of them have worked).

So I'm just wondering how easy it is easy enough to change a soundcard, and what I should buy? Sorry if it's a stupid question but I have no clue My pc is a Dell Dimension E520 if that helps.



Installation for sound cards is really easy, and not to be feared! You simply crack open the side panel, find the white slots at the bottom (should be about four, all around the same size). You just point the sound cards ports outside the case and push it into the slot.

There are plenty of videos and guides around the internet to help you on your way. Unfourtunately I am not so educated in the price of sound cards, sorry! I have a dimension E521 and putting things like sound cards in and out is easy as pie!

Good luck. X)
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Sound simple enough then, thanks.
Just wondering if any soundcard will work with any pc?

Try: here

I am not sure if it works with the standard version but Total Recorder supposedly sets up a virtual sound card that is capable of recording.

You could always look for a USB soundcard with Stereo Mix functionality, or a standard PCI card should be fine. The only one that may not work is a PCI-e/PCI Express card, you would have to find out if your computer supports this. I think most PCI-e soundcards are fairly high-end though, so probably not what your looking for anyway.
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