sliim ing world online password


    Went to my slimming world class last night, but forgot to get the new online password...I can never remember them each week, and now can't even remember the one from last night...this slimming business is effecting my memory...!

    Much appreciated...



    the ones from a few weeks before normally work. last week it was apple.

    Dust !

    yay, another slimming world password thread.

    um... have you tried cake ?


    I cant tell you the password....because I ate it :w00t:

    poor bridge bombarded on 1st post, shame on you all lol

    welcome bridge


    poor bridge bombarded on 1st post, shame on you all lolwelcome bridge

    :? :oops: :-(

    OP.... watch this space ]http//wi…009

    LOL @ someone posting the WRONG password! lol

    [SIZE="6"]This week's password is noodle[/SIZE] :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks to the people that were helpful :thumbsup:

    and not so to the people that weren't :x

    Why is it though that just coz you go to slimming world people assume you are fat...fair enough might have been slightly overweight at some point, but not any more so hah besides it's a good support group for people to encourage other people to slim and get a healthier to see the size of these people replying unhelpfully !!!
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