Slim DVD/CD player for Netbook

    Anyone recommend a slim, light, DVD/CD [external] for a Netbook? I can find bulky ones, but I really need it lighweight for travelling.


    Try doing a search for 'USB slimline' on ebay and you'll pull some up, I have one similar to the types for sale there and it works fine.


    there is an lg one that uses a laptop ddrive rather than a desktop model it is not much bigger than a dvd the model is lg gp08lu10 and is really light i have one for my samsung nc10 cost about £50

    I have one for sale. DVD burner slimline slot-load dual usb - only need one to read, plug in second for more juice when required to burn dvds. I use one on my eee-pc , and friend uses hers on NC10. Will post up pic in a sec. £35 Delivered. PP, BT or £30 cash on collection if local.
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