Slim Fast??

    Does anyone know anywhere that is doing Slim Fast ready made shakes on offer at all? I want to buy some but not sure where to go without paying £1.50 each for them! I know that around new year, superdrug has them on offer but not sure whether this time of year, anyone has them on offer.

    Any help you can give would be appreciated


    Just stocked up yesterday....sainsburys

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    How much are they there?

    The powder is £2.18 (half price) choc and strawberry at sainsburys.

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    Does anyone know if the ready made ones are on offer anywhere?

    Yes, sainsburys! half price 3 quid ish.

    yumm yumm if only u could drink the 6 pack a day!

    ..damn that explins a lot

    why not buy the powder and get the shaker thing a few threads up?

    don't know if its on offer now but Boots often have them on 3 for 2.

    Not sure if you get them cheap if you have the healthcare bit activated on your points card-someone else might know for sure.

    I've started making my own Smoothie, bang in some fruit, milk and Juice, happy dayz.

    boots had on on 3 for 2 no idea if offer still on

    there rubbish, would be 90% cheaper and much better if you made your own.…udd
    ^^try that

    lot mor cals in that bg1

    Asda 4 for £5

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    got them from sainsburys... About 50 of the ******s!


    got them from sainsburys... About 50 of the ******s!

    Thanks to me
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