Slim/Light/Tiny laptop wanted!

    Been assigned the task of finding my boss a new laptop - his old one was a sony vayo or what ever they are - stupid thin and small - he basically wants the same again - but with 1/2 decent spec... any ideas?

    Budget is not a huge issue, but if i could deliver the goods at around or under 600 I think it would go down well

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    I was also looking for the same thing.

    Although the vaio does seem to come up time and time again for portability, how about considering this. Its a bit different but may be worth a look if ultra portability is one of the main criteria. Not saying ebuyer is the cheapest BTW its just the link i had open.


    ebuyer have a section for ultra mobile laptops also. Hope this helps. As i say again I have no affiliation to ebuyer, i just find it a decent starting place and then suggest using one of the price comparison sites to find the cheapest place to purchase.

    In my opinion though, you can't beat the vaio. Maybe someone round here can point you in the direction of one at around your budget, although if you want a high end vaio you'll probably find £600 is not enough.

    Hope you find what you are looking for.
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