slimming pills! which are the best ones or are they all just fads???????

Found 17th Sep 2007
Hi just wondering if anyone has had any success with slimming pills and which ones and where from i have tried the adios slimming pills but they give me terrible headaches any advice would be much appreciated thank you:thumbsup: I am on a diet just wanting to speed things up a little..........
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There are a few that work, but ultimately a good diet and some daily exercise is best.
The only sure-fire way to lose weight is to expend more calories than your body consumes :thumbsup:
Anything that is a few months past it's sell by date. Anything that says "Do not eat," usually help too.
Slimming pills are basically legal speed !! They just make you hypo to burn off more calories.

You can get some from the doctor to suppress appitite - but really,do you need them ? Just cut down on food & increase your exercise
I think pills are just fads! My sister's tried almost everything... I find I can eat what I want as long as I exercise! You're best off investing your money in an exercise bike or gym membership... & the more you do it the easier it gets too :thumbsup: Good luck
They are terrible things * slimming pills* so many of my friends have used them and ended up very poorly. One lost the weight but didnt sleep for months,she said it felt like she was on * speed* all the time. The pills were legal ones prescribed by a * PRIVATE* doctor.however i dont recommend them. Try the heart foundation diet for 3 days to give yourself a boost. My mum looses upto 10lb in 3 days on it.Which i also think must be bad for you but it its results you want then do it.
has anyone had the illigal kind ?
the illegal kind being ones containing speed?Amphetamine or Amfetamine ...first used to help chronic fatique in the war.When used within the recommended doses, side-effects like loss of appetite tend to decrease over time. However, amphetamines last longer in the body than methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, etc.), and tend to have stronger side-effects on appetite and sleep.Medical use for weight loss is still approved in some countries, but is regarded as obsolete and dangerous in others.Short-term physiological effects vary greatly, depending on dosage used and the method in which the drug is taken. At therapeutic levels these effects could include decreased appetite, increased stamina and physical energy, increased (in some cases decreased) sexual drive/response and in some cases bruxism (teeth grinding). When the drug is abused effects could include involuntary bodily movements, hyperhidrosis, hyperactivity, jitteriness, nausea, itchy, blotchy or greasy skin, tachycardia, irregular heart rate, hypertension, and headaches. Fatigue can often follow the dose's period of effectiveness. Overdose can be treated with chlorpromazine.
Long-term abuse or overdose effects can include tremor,
restlessness, changed sleep patterns, anxiety and increase in pre-existing anxiety, poor skin condition, hyperreflexia, tachypnea, gastrointestinal narrowing, and weakened immune system. Fatigue and depression can follow the excitement stage. Erectile dysfunction, heart problems, stroke, and liver, kidney and lung damage can result from prolonged abuse. When insufflated, amphetamine can lead to a deterioration of the lining of the nostrils!
In the United Kingdom, amphetamines were regarded as Class B drugs. The maximum penalty for unauthorised possession is five years in prison and an unlimited fine. The maximum penalty for illegal supply is fourteen years in prison and an unlimited fine.

Short-term psychological effects of the drug at therapeutic levels could include alertness, euphoria, increased concentration, rapid talking, increased confidence, and increased social responsiveness. Effects of the drug when abused could include, nystagmus (eye wiggles), hallucinations, and loss of REM sleep the night after use.
Long-term amphetamine abuse can induce psychological effects that include insomnia, mental states resembling schizophrenia, aggressiveness (not associated with schizophrenia), addiction or dependence with accompanying withdrawal symptoms, irritability, confusion, and panic. Chronic and/or extensively-continuous use can lead to amphetamine psychosis, which causes delusions and paranoia, but this is uncommon when taken as prescribed. The abuse of an amphetamine is highly addictive, and, with chronic abuse, tolerance develops very quickly. Withdrawal, although not physiologically threatening, is an unpleasant experience (including paranoia, depression, difficult breathing, dysphoria, gastric fluctuations and/or pain, and lethargia). This commonly leads chronic users to re-dose amphetamine frequently, explaining tolerance and increasing the possibility of addiction

There you go , theres the facts. My advice, stay away from this method. Ive seen too many people messed up because of doing it this way.

Seriously Healthy eating and exercise is the ONLY healthy way.
Theres NO quick miracle.
I tried Adios, I am very skeptical about things like this and definitely subscribe to the 'do it properly' theory, but I thought heck....they have an advert on telly and everything, they must be alright. Didn't do a thing for me, so that's the first and last time I will use them.

Try green tea, it's a natural slimming aid and doesn't cost a fortune or have any side effects, and even if it doesn't work for you in terms of weight loss (as it doesn't me, grr) it's still lovely yummy goodness and is very good for you in other ways...then get your bottom down the gym and consume fewer calories
I really like White and Green tea!, Very nice! (Don't use it for slimming, It just tastes nice!)
I used to be a personal trianer and would try to convince friends and family to the proper methods of weight loss. However, more often than not it falls on deaf ears.
One day I decided to experiment on myself. I started with Adios for a month and others later on. I looked horrible and sickly (comparitively) once i finished but convinced many friends and family not to use it on themselves.
Sadly, we're all fighting our metabolisms.
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