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Found 27th Dec 2017
Hello, I want to get in the mind set of losing weight on the slimming world programme. I want to lose a stone. Can someone explain to me how it works, what am I allowed etc. I have googled but my heads mashed!
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eat less, move more,
the only diet that will work is the one you can maintain...
eat less, move more,
the only diet that will work is the one you can maintain...
No need those programs. Get myfitnessPal app. Set up & set ur goals. Enter everything you eat and keep track of your eating habits.
Eat less carbs. Specially cut down sugar. Eat more veg & lean meat. Do cardio at least 3 times a week.
Exercise and as mattsk said eat less and eat healthier food
Slimming World can be helpful if attending a group (or virtually being a member of their forum) gives you motivation and people to talk to. The other posters are right - slimming world / weight watchers and their different ways of counting and allocating food types are all variations on the eat less, exercise more theme. Depends if you want to pay to attend - then they will explain and help you. Otherwise I found a low GI diet was the most helpful long term way of going it alone.
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i don't know anything about slimming but good luck OP. a colleague and his wife joined one of these programs and said that it was really great for them and they lost a lot of weight.

the group motivation helps to keep you going.
Haven’t been to slimming world for donkeys years but you should be able to lose a stone on their program, anything over 3 stone is an uphill battle. They used to give you two booklets one green and one red and you had to ideally keep to 3 days one colour and 4 days the other colour, with lots of meal recommendations. Probably changed by now to keep members interested and motivated.
Ideally attend the classes, not only do you get to know other members but if you’ve had a bad week they help you to stay positive. Also if you know you’re going out for a meal they help you choose off the menu in advance and what to avoid so that you can still lose weight whilst socialising with friends.
Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for any free membership promotions (usually in women’s magazines
The one that worked the best on tv recently was…iet
but do exercise as well
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