Slimming World... anyone on it, or foody bargains out there?

Found 20th Oct 2009
Does anyone doing slimming world know of any foods which are on special at the moment, or generally are a good deal?
Whether they are green or red. With preferably no, or very low sin value.
Or does anyone know of any fabulous recipes, which dont cost the earth to make!
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I suggest you go on the slimming world website, there is an arcive of recipies which you can print out and make your own book with all the stuff you like. Also, in asda, they have a 5 for £10 special on chicken breast x 2, packet of mince, beef steak things, gammon, cant remember what else but great for red days!!!!!
Mug Shots are mainly free on green, some are only a couple of syns. They're lovely and I take them to work all the time!!! They are 3 for £1 in ASDA. Merreigne nests are 90p for a pack of 8 in ASDA too. They are 2 and a half syns each. I like to have them with a load of fruit and a squirt of squirty cream which is 1 and a half syns for a decent squirt if you buy a low fat one. They have one in Tesco for less than £1. Total 4 syns for something that tastes very naughty!!! Can always buy cheap pasta everywhere which is free on green. The Colemans packet sauces are three for £1.50 in Tesco and Sainsburys I think. I only found out last week how low syn they are. It's something like three syns for the whole packet for the Chicken Casserole, Chicken Chasseur and Chicken Coq Au Vin. Makes a tasty chicken dish either way (Chicken free on Original, Potatoes free on Green or all free on Extra Easy). I also found out last week that these sauces work brilliantly in the slow cooker!!!!! Have had some delicious low syn meals this week!
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