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    Hi, my computer is going slow (it's fairly old) It only has 248 mb of ram, if I increase this will it make it go quicker? Thanks



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    Thank you - is it easy to do?

    It should do (it certainly won't slow it down) but there are a number of other things that can significantly slow down a computer. Try deleting all your temporary files - assuming you're using windows, go into the start menu, go to "run" and type in %temp% then hit return. It should bring up a window with a load of temprary files in it, delete these and you should see some improvement.

    you need to download ]cpu-z to see what type of ram you have

    /waits for the OP to discover they need SIMMs ....:?

    it should technically help the computer to run slightly faster

    go to this site ]http//ww…uk/ enter your computer details and find the ram you need. its a good and reliable site i reckon.

    and of course like civms47 said, delete your temporary files, disk defrag, and uninstall any unwanted programs. also go to run and bang in msconfig. then on the start up tab, de-select any programs you don't want running at start up.

    a good program to use to delete temporary files is Ccleaner ]http//ww…er/

    Ram is upgraded to help your computer run more than one activity comfortably.
    But it will speed up your computer.

    Also there is a thing called disk defragmentation that will just tidy up all loose files on your hard drive and make your computer run abit faster.

    Then there is a disk clean up.
    This will allow you to delete the files that are stored of the internet that are not needed anymore.there will be a whole list of things avaible to delete to speed up your computer.

    System formating.
    This is like just buying your pc all over again remeber the speed of your computer when you got it thats what the speed will do if you do this task. please note you loose everythin on your computer so i would make a back up of all your files and documents.

    Hope all this help if you need to know anythin else just email me :):thumbsup:

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    :thumbsup:Thanks for all your help everyone. I have deleted the temp files and hubby has just upgraded the ram, and all seems to be working a lot faster.:p

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    Hi, I think mu hubby put in an additional 256mb. It's definately better.

    You guys never cease to amaze me, whenever I have a query I put it in this site and always get sorted:thumbsup:
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