Slow Freeview Software

    I have a couple of freefree boxes, and one built into a LCD, and without a doubt they are all painfully slow to use, MyI main one, advised me that I needed a software upgrade last night, so I did, and its even slower to use.

    So my question is 2 fold
    1. Is there a Manufacturer that is faster than others?
    2. Is there any aftermarket software that I can replace the manufacturers?


    Answer 1. Yes, Sony use their own software, It's quite responsive

    Anwser 2. Probably


    What do you mean by slow? I have had about 4-5 different freeview boxes and all seem quick to change channel (sub 1 second).

    Original Poster

    Will have to time it to be accurate, but scrolling through the channels on the epg is about 1 sec per channel which is poor, well it is to my impatient ways.

    I will have a play with a Sony see if that satisfies.

    Which model boxes are these?

    I was playing around with my cable box (you know the sort) last night, flashing it with various images and the one with the most features that I'd like to have kept just took too damn long to respond between channel changes, very annoying. Now using a super fast one!
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