Slow Internet?

    Any advice please!

    Yesterday and today my Internet access is rather slow. As I'm typing this, it seems to pause for a few seconds and then carry on. Some pages take a short while to load as well.

    What can I do/check/delete to see if it can quicken up? Something to do with cookies but I'm not sure!?!?!? I'm with AOL Broadband and have never ever had any issues (I know others have but I like it!)


    My browsing has seemed slower all week yet download speeds from newsgroups are unaffected and the same for one or two others I know. W.e.i.r.d.

    As Harlzter says its been slow all week. Haven't had problems with downloading.

    i have had problems with the explorer on and off all week but other things seem fine

    Mines become slow too since Sunday

    I think that we should just blame the government. Probably a sinister plot to make us go out and buy more petrol. :whistling:

    Typing stuff into a webpage doesn't cause anything to be sent to the internet, if it's pausing when doing that I'd suspect your browser. You could try installing a different one (such as ]Opera) and see if that suffers from the same problem.

    im with aol and currently using mozilla and it keeps pausing as you say but then is fine for 5 minutes


    Probably due to a lot of School holidays starting, where I live when the half terms or end of years come around the speed drops hugely.

    i blame the recession

    The first thing I do when I get slow speed is to restart the router. Just unplug the power source and wait 10sec and then plug it back in and turn on. Usually fixes the problem. If it is still slow, most likely its the ISP's problem and you'll need to phone up and ask.


    it might be the mouse on his wheel inside your pc?
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