Slow internet connection to USA sites

    Hey people, has anyone noticed a slow connection when connecting to USA netflix. I use Unblock-US to get my xbox to access the US library of Netflix but recently it seems really slow and the quality isn't great.

    I did a speed test on my PC, which isn't using Unblock-US and I get 75mbs. That's against a server in London, if I pick a USA server on the west coast, then I only get around 1 or 2 mbs. I dont think this is Unblock-US doing this, but it seems that my speed is really slow when connecting to some things from the US (particularly West Coast)


    ipv6 has kicked in today - could be the likely source of any connectivity problems.

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    No, this has been happening for a few weeks now. It's strange because I have superfast fibre optic and speed test shows this for UK servers, but pick a random west coast server and it drops right down to around 2mbs.

    I think this is the cause of Netflix being slow on my xbox. I'm just suprised at the amount of drop off.

    I am using unotelly on my xbox to watch Netflix and Hulu. It works great for me with no lags and bugs. I have 24 mbps connection and I stream videos with this speed! I suggest you to try it.
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