Slow Internet speed with plusnet hub on 60mb package

Posted 2nd Jan 2021
Hi does anyone here have any experience with plusnets hub one router. I've recently upgraded my package from the basic one to the faster broadband package. I should be getting up 60mb but its painfully slow.

I have a wifi booster upstairs which sometimes works

Im sat next to the router and my phone is getting around 5mb

Wife is also sat next to the router but her phone is getting around 30mb

My sons xbox is currently getting around 10mb on the wi fi booster 5ghz extension but last week he was constantly at around 50mb, so I know the booster does work

The Internet speed seems to constantly change. He is forever claiming his xbox is lagging. He's just got the brand new series s as well so I thought this might resolve the issue.

The network is obviously capable of getting high speeds but its not constant and seems to be very fast for a few days then very slow.

Does anyone have any experience of port forwarding and could this resolve the issue?
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