Slower speeds through powerline adapters. Does it matter?

Found 7th Mar
Hi, I have recently changed isp and now get 30Mbps however I’m only getting around 13Mbps through powerline adapters which I’m not really surprised as it’s a very old building with old wiring and is on at least 2 different ring mains. However I’m wondering is it actually worth trying to rectify the problem if I never do anything that would require over 13Mbps on one single device. For example would it be any more beneficial to get the full 30Mbps on my android box when the most bandwidth heavy thing I do on it is stream 1080p which uses around 5Mbps. Hope that makes sense. Thanks
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If you're only getting 13Mbps I would be concerned about your house wiring as even on older plugs you should be getting a better signal than that. When was the last time the electrics were tested ?
Have you plugged these into a surge protect or double/triple adapter plug? If you have, then unplug them and make sure you put them straight into the wall for best results.
Although you may not use more than 13m, your PC is always talking to the internet in the background and it will feel the pinch. This may or may not affect you but background data exchange never decreases in volume.
Do nothing if everything is working OK. If you get trouble with lag or not being able to stream then look at it. With mesh wifi getting more popular the cost may drop and be an option soon
Yeah i gave up on mine about 6 months ago cost me 60£ in for a few adapter then realised it made no difference, instead I have google wifi which is excellent, now get signal in the back of my garden full strength where it used to be dead
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