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    I'm looking to get a new camera, Are Nikon and Canon still the best choices? I looked at Sony but not sure about their system. I realised some are mirror less.( A good thing) ?
    Anyone compared them? I was looking especially for a good low light camera. Also how good are the videos on them if available?
    Also, if you could choose, what lense what you get?


    don't dis the Sony until you've compared it to the others- highly underrated imho
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    Yes to Nikon or Canon, and it's really about your choice of lens too. What are you planning to shoot mainly? This may help people answer.

    If video is a big deal, maybe consider a Panasonic or just a separate dedicated camcorder.

    What's your budget and do you plan to buy multiple lenses to start with?
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    Let me throw Fuji into the mix - they have a good selection of lenses for their x-system and you get some good deals on refurbs from their online store. e.g. you can pick up a x-a2 with a 16-50 lens for £225 using the code P258BTCC467.
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    Canon still the best I believe.

    I have two canon SLRs and my cousin has Nikon I find the colours on the photos the nikon takes slightly richer but still prefer my canons

    I have been a Canon man for many, many years. various 5Ds, 1D mk ii n, 20D, then 30D - still have the 40D. And 5d MK II.
    Last year I bought a Sony A7. Incredible camera - have to say it. Bought an adapter to use some of my existing Canon lenses. Along with a Sony E-Mount kit lens.

    Were i starting out I would definitely go for Sony. Compact, fast, versatile, incredible Video. A new level of technology that is affordable.

    At the end of the day it boils down - what do you want to do with your camera?

    Modern compacts produce amazing results with larger sensors and good lenses too.

    it all comes down to two factors:
    Price your willing to spend
    Personal preference.

    Have a eos 5d mkiii and it's a lovely bit of kit, the 7d even better.
    yet others swear by Nikon or sometimes Sony.
    it all depends what you want to use it for as they all have individual advantages over others, but the canon eos 5d mkiii does the job we need.

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    Thanks for all your replies so far.
    I hate using the flash, so a camera that is great in low light would be awesome. On my current simple camera many shoots gets blury or too dark or get this strange pale look from the flash.

    I like portrait shoots, or photos from animals, close ups and detail.

    The questions is, how good(stable) are the video options on a mid range canon or nikon or sony? Budget wise maybe around 700-1000.

    Nikon hav a VR vibration reduction set up on their lenses not shure about canon , as for the flash there are times when you will need to use one especially for portraits even in sunlight !!!! as it will reduce shadows and enhance clarity
    i would go for either a Nikon or a Canon because imo there are more options and gadgets available for these cameras ie lenses flash guns etc make shure you get a couple of Prime lenses Nikon i know has a brill website for starters and there is also a lot of info on Both makes of camera on pin interest check out Nikonites and ask any question on there you will get honest solid answers to your questions whatever they may be

    jeez - go and read up on some basics else you'll just get people telling you stuff as fact and you will likely lap it all up
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