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    Does anyone have any recommendations for a phone for my daughter, 4.5" screen or smaller that wont break the bank? Looking for one around the £150 mark that has decent front and rear facing cameras (for all important selfies etc). She's 13 and has expressed a desire for a smaller phone than most currently on the market but I'd rather get her a phone that won't get the **** ripped out of her in school. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


    You have options like Samsung and Sony among others Any preference ?

    Sony xperia z3 compact...great phone and runs marshmallow!
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    Motorola, did me well for 3 years. Dropped it loads and it never broke.…135 This is a good deal if you don't mind going through the o2 Refresh process, it's 4.7"

    second the Xperia compact series. Robust and responsive. Definitely prefer Sony Xperia's to similar sized Samsung Mini and I was advised to buy Z3 compact over the newer z5. Alternative is probably something like the iPhone 5s which you can likely pick one up for around £150.

    I have very small hands and am finding it increasingly hard to find a phone less than 5".

    Try looking on Amazon Warehouse

    One handed mode is getting put in phones as standard now it seems. Many of the keyboards already have one handed mode available but most aren't aware they have it. No reason for anyone to need a phone smaller than 5 inchs now. Although I understand some folks just want a small phone for basic use. The Pop sockets that pop out and back in can also help and I wonder if they will catch on? I doubt it myself.

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    Thanks for the responses. Ended up just opting for a 5 inch one that doesn't seem too bulky. She'll just have to deal with it
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