Small Business Broadband with free wi-fi

My mother runs a small cafe in which she offers free wi-fi, she's currently paying £50 per month to BT. She wants to switch to someone cheaper as it's not really used anyway but we're not sure where to look.

Also, how do you go about embedding a landing page which a new user is taken to everytime they connect and incase it ever did get used a lot is there a way to restrict usage so people aren't sitting in there downloading the latest movies all day!


Try bethere.co.uk, starts from 7.50 per month if you're an O2 user. Unlimited... you can restrict access if you want but you will probably need to read the manual.

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anyone know of a way to limit peoples usage/bandwidth??


anyone know of a way to limit peoples usage/bandwidth??

Just use a password system that changes so you can let people use it for say half an hour then the more they buy the more time they get. Alot of places use this system.

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hmmm looking into software called 2hotspot...seems promising

Yes looks spot on for what you need and wont cost you a penny. Hopefully people will stay a bit longer and buy some extra food/drinks.
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