small camcorder tapes to dvd?????how

what items are required to tape /copy off recordings from the small video cassettes to dvd,i aint got a clue,,,help would be much apprecieated ta v.much


Format?(Apart from "small")

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sorry mini dv video tapes.....

My dad does it for me, he has a large vhs size catridge he puts the small camcorder tape in, he then has a machine that converts vhs to dvd.

The VHS-C cassettes use the normal size VHS adapter . The miniDV tapes are normally transfered from camcorder to PC using Firewire .There is no adapters for this format .The tapes wont fit into anything other than a MiniDV camcorder . You could transfer from camcorder using composite [yellow-white-red] to the input of a DVD recorder or Video recorder and record .I use Firewire to my PC and Pinnacle9 as capture software , but my LiteOn HDD/DVD recorder has a firewire port , just connect the camcorder and transfer from tape to hard drive ,then I can make multiple copys from HDD to DVD . This is the easiest way but does not allow you to fully edit and add titles,overlays and backing tracks like the PC method.

wht if u dont have the camera (mine is busted!)

your 'stuffed ' then :-)
I Have a brand new Sony miniDV camcorder you can have at a price .Of course ,it's now not new as it was a gift to a family member who could never use it . I've tied it out for 6 mins , that's the only time it's been used .

does it matter if i got a cack one and just used that...or is best to use a good quality one though?

Normally you get the better quality with a decent camcorder ..............especially the lens , but for exporting to a PC you should get decent quality if it's there on the tape in the first place.
The camcorder I mentioned ia a sony with a carl zeis lens .

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thanks for all ur help

If you no longer have the camera, theres a few guys on ebay who will bang it onto a dvd for a few quid.
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