Small Christmas train on a track


    Ive been trying to find one for ages to go in our window but there all too big. The window seat isnt very big and ive looked everywhere. Would be good to have it in an oval with lights on it.

    I did have a steam one that went around the christmas tree but i couldnt have it moving.

    I hope that made sense about what im after


    yeh we have one of these that goes around the tree , they can be as big or small as you like , we dont use ours due to lack of room tbh, i did see a set the same or similiar today in home bargains for about £7 .

    Original Poster

    we had that one but it just made a big circle and its far to big. It could do be childs size a suppose a bit like hornby but a christmas one lol. I love to make things difficult!!! Ill have a look in H& B so thanks for that.

    Seen them in B&M Bargains pretty cheap too.
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