Posted 27th Aug 2020
hi there, just wondering if anyone knows if there's a time frame to pick a car back up after taking a small dealer to a small claims court?

We purchased a car, the engine blew up on the way home the day we bought it, they didn't want to know anything about it naturally. Took it to a small claims court and they sided with us.

Dealer paid the money back but now we have the car which technically belongs to the dealer again now the money has been refunded?

It's been 4 weeks since the money was recovered and they haven't made any attempt to come get it. Was only a £1500 run around. The way they have been and what we've had to do to get this sorted I'm reluctant to want to contact them yet again so just wondering if they have a time frame to collect it or what actually happens now?

Not wanting to withhold it from them what so ever just don't see why we should still be running around chasing them still to take it back after everything..
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