Small laptop?

Was looking for some advice on laptops.

1) My unlce was looking for a laptop for business use but wants it to be quite portable. He doesn't really need a high performance machine like graphics etc. But it needs to run fast and can burn data to CD/DVD's etc. I mentioned the Dell D430. Any others like this about?

2) My cousin also wants a laptop but she wants it to be light and easy to move about. I think she'd like a laptop which can play movies, music and have the ability to make music cd's and just browse the net. I was thinking the Dell D630 but really this might be too much.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks for your time.




Does your uncle/cousin have a budget on what they want to spend?

Original Poster

I did mean to put the budgets down but I obviously forget.

My uncle - no budget as such!
Cousin - £500 max

Thanks for the reply.



I'm not the most knowledgable when it comes to computers unfortunately, and I am in the same boat as you, looking for a new laptop for around £500. So far, i've been quite tempted by:…522


u can pick up a toshiba dualcore for £329

Dell Vistro 1400 series is a small 14" laptop. I just bought one...don't pay extra for a better battery tho coz it'll stick out coz that battery is too big!

I'm in the same postion as your cousin(same requirements), if you get a decent reply please let me know.

thanks JS

i was about to post just what Slash says - Dell's vostro 1400 is a nice, light and well specced laptop.

i just got 2 delivered today (ordered last thursday 7pm), and think they were about £520 each inc vat inc delivery.
i'm sure this model would suit both of your relatives. i usually get the higher-res screen, and like Slash, i keep the standard battery.

mail me if you want to know the exact spec / price that i'd recommend -

if uncle wants to spend more then consider the smaller (more bling) dell xps m1330

ps. don't forget the 5% discount through quidco :-D

For your uncle, your choice of the Dell D430 is spot on if portability is key. IMO it's best in its class for the ultra-portables. Solid state HDD keeps power consumption to minimum too.

Depends what you're looking for, it is a solid machine but I find the lack of optical drive irritating as it makes it far less portable having to lug about an external optical drive. Other machines have managed to be smaller and lighter yet have an onboard optical drive, while I like Dells generally I don't like their ultralights.

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