Small Laptop With Dvd Drive please

    Hi all,

    I'm after a bit of help please.
    I have a laptop but I needed a lighter/smaller one as lugging around a 15.4'' screen is not really my idea of I'm a bit of a weakling.

    Been looking at the refurb IBM on bigpockets but can't get a feel for the size of them really.

    Ideally I should get one of the Eee Pc's or the acer but I need it to have a DVD drive as my Uni course requires it. I will be getting a grant for £245 so don't really want to go over this.

    My min requirements are : Dvd player (Not particularly a burner)

    Bout 20gig hard drive but can be less as I have a WD passport harddrive.
    Smallish screen

    I was considering this one but really its only slightly smaller than mine now…027

    What do you all think? Anyone got any info/recommendations for a 12.1'' screen.

    Ta xxxx


    not that much lighter really.

    Stick with the 15.4

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    I really can't lug this 15.4'' around my shoulder kills

    Def want a 13'' or time to have a hunt

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    Another option is to buy a new desktop at £450 - £500 and a refurb small which case I can then sell my 15.4'' one to fund to small laptop.

    So back to square one,,,,,I need a decent small laptop for £200 anyone selling one please?
    Or can swap for a 15.4'' Dell 6000, 1gig ram,80gig hd.


    A £251 15.6" Vostro A860 at 2.03 KG is lighter than the T42

    philips freevents are nice and small, not sure of the price these days on brand new, may be able to pick a second hand one up though.

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    Thanx all, I'll have a look

    I had def decided not to get the IBM one as its still too big with the 14.1 screen.

    Just purchased a desktop so def after a little laptop, ill keep watching for any deals coming up as im not in a rush really

    Hi you could do what i done. I purchased an acer aspire one and also bought an external usb dvd drive, which cost me around £20 delivered.

    i think that would be your best bet. Acer netbook i think you can pick one up for £180 + dvd player £20, £200 all in

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    Thanx for that idea i'll have a look into that now..... the laptop is for leisure only hence the need for a dvd player, I know I could stream from the net but I only have a 3gb a month download limit on my mobile broadband deal. Never thought of having it seperate i'll check out the size


    Those laptops are only the width of CDs themselves so an external DVD drive could add considerable weight and bulk, especially if it's not one of the slimline models.

    Dell do the Vostro 1310 with a 13.3" starting at £250 new but it's not particulaly light at 2kg.

    I've got an eee PC 701 which is slightly lighter and about an inch smaller than the aspire one and it's not that light itself, you wouldn't want to be holding it up for any length of time and it's not particulaly easy to carry in the hand, it really needs to be carried around in a bag but in that case it should be a fair bit ligher than a 3kg 15.4" laptop.
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