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Found 10th Jan 2011
Someone was asking me whether or not netbooks are actually any good and would it be better just to go for a laptop. But in all honesty I didnt have info on netbooks to help.

They wanted to use it just for music/movie playback, full Internet browsing and word processing, bonus of Hdmi output if thats an option? Can a netbook do this with ease? If so, what is a good model and how much should you expect to pay for one?

Would it be better to just get a small laptop?
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Not music or movies (laptop is best for that)

Netbooks are great for word processing and internet browsing
If they want hdmi and stuff you will probably be looking at a small laptop, you pay a lot for that premium on most netbooks, however if they want hdmi i assume they want to watch HD content 720/1080p? In which case you might struggle because most laptops will stutter/struggle outputting that content as their graphics chips/processors are on the weak side.
What is your buget? This would be ideal for you - cheap, ion chip, hdmi, 12.1" screen. I agree with the above... you don't need a laptop to watch video. With an ion chip like in this lenovo, 1080p is no problem even of youtube.…ack
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Thanks for the replies, i've not heard of Lenovo before - are they good?

Budget was about £300-£400

So this will do everything that was in my first post? Lenovo IdeaPad S12 comes well into the budget allowance. HD content is a bonus to be honest as most movies are AVI. it was more for the output to watch on his telly as his TV has no VGA input

Lenovo are pretty good. They were a branch of IBM, one of the biggest and most reputable names in the industry. Admittedly, the design of the lenovo s12 (ion) isn't quite as impressive or fancy as other laptops, and is probably a little more coporate or business looking. But it comes at a great price. For browsing the web, word processing and video's, this is by far one of the best options. What makes it great is that not only does it have a much larger 12" screen, it has a full sized keyboard. Combine this with the ion chip and hd video and outputting by hdmi is a no bother at all.Plus, it has 2gb ram compared to the netbook average of 1gb on a netbook. I think it looks good though.

But as with anything in this price range, it all comes down to need. It's still perfectly powerful for the above tasks, but don't expect it to outperform a full laptop, as it is still only a 1.6ghz single core chip. Running an internet browser as well as ms word would be fine. Just don't expect it to play games at high fps or anything. The more you pay, the more powerful you get. But most users don't need anything like the power they have....

Have a look at this - a good review...…spx

PM if you want more info or write back here.... but it all comes down to need + budget as I said. I can advise, but you / your friend will need to decide whether they need more power or not. Certainly seems like a cracking deal at the moment and would appear to fit your needs.

Edit: Have a look in this thread too…e=1. Some great info throughout. I decided not to buy this, as I went for a dell m101z with a dual core processor instead. But I intend to do some gaming and video editing etc.
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Rubbish, I use mine for itunes and films daily. Took it travelling with … Rubbish, I use mine for itunes and films daily. Took it travelling with me and watched films on the plane and airport etc. I also use it all the time on car journeys. Fantastic.

+1. Nothing wrong with a netbook for music. They're fine for word processing and other office tasks, and playing games that aren't too graphics intensive, such as World of Goo & Worms. And the main point about Netbooks is that they're handy for portable web browsing.
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