Found 19th Jun 2008
Hi all,

My gf's parents are looking for a smallish LCD TV for their bedroom. Something 22" or smaller. They wouldn't mind a combo set that has a built-in DVD player too. Though, that isn't essential.

Any suggestions for a good bargain?

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argos if u dnt mind the A.S brand

19" HD ready, Samsung TV Widescreen
Catalogue number; 529 3345
£170, I have one of these and they are superb, recommended

I've got the Wharfedale 19" HD ready Lcd TV/DVD combi on the bedroom wall and find it a good size. It' got £50 off at Argos now so is just £179.99


i would personally recommend:]Samsung T220 22" Widescreen 2ms Gloss Black … i would personally recommend:]Samsung T220 22" Widescreen 2ms Gloss Black LCD Monitor - £244.94full 1080p support, low power consumption and brilliant make!

surely they say no point in 1080p unless its over 38 inches?

dno tho.

]Amazon £191.45
LG W2552TQ 22" Widescreen DVI 2ms Black LCD Monitor - Tilt Stand

This one is pretty good. Primarily a PC montor but i use it as a TV only and have no complaints. Reputable brand and HD ready for under £150! Got one myslef ]http//ww…8-1 £144.92

Have just bought a UMC 22" digital TV with Freeview and integral DVD player from Tesco for £229.97. Picture is superb - hghresolution - and piece of cake to set up. :):):)

Original Poster

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I happened to pop into Tesco today, and picked up the 22" UMC as suggested by takijim. It's the perfect solution, has Freeview and a built-in DVD player! Picture quality is good, and it is a piece of cake to setup. Ideal for a bedroom set.
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