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Looking for advice on what is going to be the smallest monitor I am going to be able to hook the Raspberry pi up to. It's for my 10 year old to use for scratch which is intro into basic programming, and although it is readily available on PC it's also pre-loaded (i think) or pi. However he is going to build case for it out of Lego and it would be fun if he could enclose a small screen with lego too.

Any ideas, as I'm not too sure the 7inch lcd in car screens will do the trick.

Thanks in advance.


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Can I use an item like this.

This is not making financial sensetoo expensive but nice
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Mine's not arrived yet, but I'm unsure if I should be looking at small TV's (as they were designed to br hooked up to TV's) or small monitors. Thanks for link

Any screen that has a composite input will do the job.
I have a 7" analogue tv which has a 3.5mm jack (headphone socket type) and a lead for it which goes out to composite video/audio and can't see any reason for that not working.
Otherwise any monitor or tv with a hdmi input would be fine but can't see you getting anything smaller than 16" for that.

Maybe something like this
the video AV lead would plug straight into the Pi and you'd just need a converter for taking the audio from a composite connection to a 3.5mm jack

possibly like

My Pi arrived on Friday and its keeping me occupied. Plan similar to you with my daughter and scratch, only downside is that she's 5 so needed to be able to read the commands is gonna hold her back a bit

Freecycle for an old monitor someone's getting rid of? I've seen 15inch LCD monitors/TVs being given away on my local one in the past.

I am waiting on delivery of a Raspberry Pi too. I am going to use an old 19" LCD, but it might end up connected to the TV.
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