Small or medium sized 4/5 door car wanted - new

    I need a new car. I have a toddler so I need rear seats. Don't care if 4 or 5 door.

    I'm used to bigger cars and trucks so everything is going to be a compromise but I want a good deal. Can pay straight away or on short term finance if cheaper.

    The problem is that I don't have a car. Thus, trawling around the dealers means hiring a car and at say £500 a month minimum, then that is £500 I could have used towards the car, plus petrol etc.

    I am not focussed on MPG but I expect it to be safe. It will be for a run around basically so no major motorway miles necessary. I suppose cheapness to run is nice but a decent safe motor is better. Price is important to a degree.

    I'm in London, near Enfield.


    If you are after a brand new car, I recommend you phone around the dealers.

    My car was recently written off, so I too couldn't get to the dealers. Once I told them I needed a test drive, they all offered to come round to my house to pick me up. I then drove the cars around and eventually bought a Mazda 2 tamura (coming next monday).

    If I were you, I would order a few brochures from the websites, then ring around for some test drives!

    Original Poster

    Problem I find is that the real prices bear no resemblance to the prices the dealers try and put on you and you end up having to spend hour after hour negotiating to a point which I want to get to before I set foot in their office.

    I know what you mean. I bought a copy of the which guide (only a fiver) which gives you an idea of the target discount you should aim to get.

    Also in the back of a magazine called auto express there are target prices in there.

    I would request the brochures, buy the magazines, and then look at the prices. I actually found that most brands offered the same sort of price. Mazda wouldn't give me much discount, but there RRP wasn't over inflated. Vauxhall offered me over £2000 off before I even started playing hard ball!

    it just comes down to how the companies marketing strategy

    Good luck in your search
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