Small pens -

    We need


    Why Not Phone A Bookies Head Office And Seek Sponsorship

    lol what about staples? staples as in the company not the metal things

    Try ]penisland :giggle:


    You could always visit 200 bookies and/or shops that do the lottery....and steal a pen fom each :thumbsup:

    Last time I went to ikea they had hundreds of free pencils around the shop.


    Try ]penisland :giggle:

    oh gosh what a domain name!

    re: free pens - argos??

    where abouts are you?

    you could always go in argos and take a few (well about 200) hehe

    In my sons bedroom you would find 100's scattered around ....... (as he likes the occasional flutter ! ) :roll:
    GOOD LUCK :thumbsup:

    100 twist pens on fleabay for £5.90 delivered item number: 110228372126

    Not little but cheap ?


    100 twist pens on fleabay for £5.90 delivered item number: … 100 twist pens on fleabay for £5.90 delivered item number: 110228372126Not little but cheap ?

    You can get standard size biros much cheaper in poundshops - I've got a tub of 30 here that I'm sure I picked up in Poundland.

    Go to argos, 'borrow' lots from them!!

    I will gladly send you some pens for free,just cover the cost of postage.

    They have my company's name on,but I reckon I could spare at least 100,possibly up to 200,I'll have to check how many I've got(I have loads!!!!)

    Let me know if your interested:)

    im a manager at a bookies, im sure if you just popped into a local one and spoke to the manager and said you were doing a charity event and would be grateful if they could give you a box or 2 of pens they would :-D
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