Small pringles tubs - where to buy them cheap?

Found 23rd Jul 2011
I am after 8+ of the small pringles tubs for a summer project, but want to know if there is anywhere that sells them cheap. I know in the past home bargains sold them, but not sure if they still do or how much.

The nearest one to me isnt that close so i dont want to go there for no reason. So am posting if anyone has seen these recently on offer or at a good price
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can you get into a cash and carry

ie booker/makro or costco
I think tesco has them but they're v. expensive.. 77p or 2 for £1.50!
b&m usually sell them, about 50p a tub, they did last time i went in anyway. didnt see any in home bargains the other day
Buy 2 big tubs and cut them into ¼'s

Buy 2 big tubs and cut them into ¼'s

wont work ive tried i need the bases and lids.

Thanks for comments all will have a seach tomorrow
I know asda used to them by the checkouts next to sweet and chewing gum etc I believe they 60p something
Home bargains
try a corner shop,

ill let you lick the lolly pop


I'm sure the op can't still be on a epic quest for pringles pots thats lasted 3 years
These new members that keep bumping old threads are very entertaining aren't they.
My oh my - it makes me laugh that people search for the most random threads to post on.
Must be bored or something (_;)
yes still searching for them - have been to every store i can think of - no luck
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