Small screw driver for phone

    I need a very small crosshead screwdriver to open the inside of my LG G3 to get access to the motherboard.
    Does anyone know where I'd be able to get one please?


    in crackers?

    get a watch repair set

    pound shops do sets that fit. or eBay is full of them. most cheap ones will start to split so be very gentle

    might not be screwdriver but a hexagonal tool.

    if you search for "tommy walsh " on here there's a set posted last year in poundland. they also come in different packaging from different shops not great quality but loads of bits.

    just look at Maplin same set as pound land but£2.70

    Bought mine off as cheap but maplins sell them. You only need the one.

    If you need to ask where to get a small screwdriver do you honestly think you should be tinkering with your motherboard?

    You need a jewellers screwdriver - plenty of those around if you Google.
    Bit hard to tell which ones are good quality though as some are soft so when you try to loosen a tight screw they just twist the head of the screwdriver (the cross part) rendering it useless.


    I've got loads, inbox me your address and I'll send a full set.

    What I should of said, is get a 00 size Philips screwdriver. You can buy kit online from ebay that includes a few things including a guitar plectrum to leaver bits from phone but you can improvise if needed. I used a plastic pen cap. maplins sell screwdrivers if you need it quickly but cheapest will be to go online and look for lg g3 tool kit. Or lg g3 screwdriver.

    You can buy cheap screwdriver set for £1-2 with that screwhead your're looking for.

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    Thanks everyone for replying, tried a Tommy Walsh one from poundland and it worked. And even better the phone is working now as well.
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