Small speakers to improve LCD tv sound?

    Hi, i own a Samsung 40 inch LCD which doesnt have the greatest sound from it. Without going for the whole surround sound system, is there just a couple or even a single speaker i could buy to sit underneath it that that would imrove the sound a good bit for me?

    I have it on a stand rather than wall mounted, so would be looking for somehting to fit under it.

    Nothing too expensive either!!

    Any reccomendations?


    Do you have a speaker output on your telly.

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    yeah i would imagine so? Its an HD tv, only 2 years old

    I've got a HD telly that's 3 weeks old and it doesn't have a speaker output on it.
    Your not getting confused with audio out which is for connecting to an amplifier are you.
    If that's the case, you will need to get an amp and some speakers.
    Generally, almost any amp and speakers will be better than the built in speakers in your telly.

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    What about just adding some pc speakers to it? ones that plug in?

    I've never done that.
    I don't really know what the sound would be like.
    I know you can buy some pretty carp pc speakers, but then again, if you spend a few bob, you can get some really good ones.
    I have no idea what they would sound like though.
    Do you know anyone who would let you borrow some for an hour or so to try it out.

    i have a pair of Bose Companion II speakers which i bought for around £60 and i just plugged them in via an AUX connnection and the sound is v. good

    I run 2.1 pc speakers from the headphone socket on my tv. geting a nice set of logitech or creatives for xmas though

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    So PC speakers would be fine then? If i were to put them in the audio output (i.e the yellow socket) would that mute the tvs own speaker though?

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    It's a bit late now, but why didn't you listen to the sound output before buying the TV?, they vary a lot in sound quality, Samsung's are amongst the worst I'm afraid.

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    It was an online deal 2 years ago that i couldnt resist!
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