small things that fit inside a raisen box

in order to raise funds for a local playgroup they are doing a sponcered raisen box fill and you have to fill it with as many items as possible ive manged to get 30 items in the box but im struggling to think of anything else ive got all the basics such as rice krispy coin piece of paper, hair, screw, staple, rice, spaghetti so it would be much appreciated if anyone could help me think of anything else thanks


Paper clip, drawing pin, pin, sim card, micro card, pasta, peppercorn, rock salt, hair clip, elastic band, wire, circle flat battery, spider lol

you probably already have all of these but just in case! How about sequin, button, paperclip, tiny ball of tin foil, apple pip, rubber band, blade of grass. Hope this helps!

small key, paper clip, button,sequin, pin, needle,stamp,small battery like a watch battery, ear ring, badge, false nail, seeds.............match, magnet,
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Earring, button, ballbearing, ringpull, ring, plaster, tablet, smartie, skittle


Grains of rice?

Pebble, string, eyelash, Needle, fluff, cotton wool, leaf, berry, scalpel blade, matchstick

nail clipping, piece of cotton, peanut, barley, raisin, if you have little girls things like barbie accesories ie shoes, hairbrush, or dolls house stuff.

bead/strand of hair strand of wool /strand of silk thread/shirt button /sequin/ coffee grain/gravey granual/cotton bud tip/papers stickers tiny star/paper dots/pen knib
pencil shavings/tooth pick/speck od gravel /birdseed/rice/broken pencil lead tip/tablet/red lentil/any dried grains/sunflower seed/jelly bean/dead ant /glitter/bit of egg shell/sawdust/
Good Luck with your task


Fill it with Raisins?

popcorn kernel, cat biscuit,small pebble, piece of fabric,sticky dot,strand of wool,drawing pin,microchip,sand,fuse,magnet,elastic band,section of a drinking straw,top of incense stick, piece of string, ribbon,tin foil,easy hem,tissue.

hope this helps good luck x

bb gun pellet, air gun lead pellet

ewww. Feel sorry for whoever has to open up the little boxes and count the items. lol

Original Poster

thanks everyone

A miniature dictionary?

Don't forget air

won me the school fill matchbox prize 30+ yrs ago lol

May be dried pulses.ie yellow split peas.ect.Hope this is of some help.
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