Small USB drive - no LED

Found 19th Feb
Hey all,
Has anyone come across a small format USB drive that doesn't have a blinding LED on it during data access?
I have a Lexmar S45 which is ideal for size (for use in my car for music) but during data access a blinding blue LED starts strobing. impossible to use in the car as it looks like theres a ridiculous disco happening on my centre console.
Any suggestions are welcome - tried taping around the LED but could still see bits.
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I see what you mean

Well depending which you want to do you can get a Sandisk Cruzer which should do the job nicely.…c=1

Alternatively you could try a few good coats of black nail polish/paint or thicker tape to supress the light emitted from the Lexar S45
Terracore11 m ago


Wow, it has a build-in emergency beacon.
I use the tiny USB adapter for SD Cards from Kingston Memory, excellent little USB Drives. You can buy them stand alone or sometimes bundled with there SD Cards.…rg2

those are excellent ideas guys thank you. I actually have a small sd card and adapter!
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