Small White Christmas Trees

    I am looking for some small white Christmas Trees. Either normal ones of fluffy ones.

    I need about four of them.

    I am having trouble finding any small ones (no taller than 2ft).

    Any one know where I can get some? Preferably cheap as they are just for a work comp.




    There a 4ft white from studio 24

    Or a 2ft gree one from wilkinson plus

    This 50cm fluffy white here from whsmith:]http//ww…ery ( i've got one & they're really nice) 50% off too :santa:

    big w and woolworths had them yesterday and 25% off soz though didnt catch a price

    I saw some small white trees in my local Focus store today - they had 40% discount on all 'Christmas' items.

    Sorry I didn't notice the price as I wasn't buying Christmassy things.
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